NWFF Environmental (NWFF) is a Hazardous / Non-Hazardous Incident response company designed to provide full service oversight and cleanup of land and marine releases. NWFF also has services which includes: Haz-Mat Rapid Response / Cleanup,Incident Management , Incident Command, Drill Design / Implementation, Freight Recovery, OSRO: Qualified Individual (QI) and Persons in Charge (PIC), Pre-booming, Site Remediation, Vacuum-Truck Services



Mission Statement:  “To provide professional environmental services while keeping safety first.  The goal of each incident is to be reliable and responsive to our clients needs while using cost effective strategies.”

A Commitment to Safety

NWFF’s staff operates under a comprehensive Behavior Based Health and Safety (BBHS) program designed to ensure a safe work environment for NWFF staff and sub-contractors. The BBHS syllabus includes a New Employee Training (NET) program in which inexperienced employees are mentored through a 750 hour training process. NWFF’s emphasis on safety has resulted in “A” ratings from several owner clients of ISN (www.isnetworld.com); a comprehensive third party safety audit network.


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