Emergency Spill Response

Emergency Spill Response

Since 1991 NWFF Environmental has earned a reputation for competency & efficiency for Marine & Land based spills throughout the Pacific Northwest. We can offer you 24/7 Emergency Spill Response and over 23 years experience.


Land Based

NWFF is a national spill contractor, responding to spills anywhere within the U.S. .  With offices strategically located in the northwest , NWFF can quickly act on calls from clients in California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.  Through a network of approved contractors, NWFF oversees the cleanup of spills in other areas of the continental U.S.. 

Known for quick deployment, NWFF has a fleet of rapid response vehicles and trailers loaded and ready for any hazardous materials or petroleum  emergency.  NWFF has demonstrated our proficiency on incidents ranging from 200 gallon Semi-Truck fuel tanks to 60,000 gallon Petroleum Pipeline releases. 

Primary Services Include

  •  Field Identification of unknown materials
  • Tanker Rollover
  • Rail Road releases
  • Facility Releases and Decontamination
  • Power Generation / Distribution Equipment and Infrastructure Incidents
  • Freight Recovery / repackaging
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Incidents
  • Disaster Preparation and Response 


Incident Response Support Services Include:

  • 24/7 toll free spill number: 800-942-4614
  • Job Site Safety Plan
  • Written Work Orders
  • Annual Spill Response Agreements
  • Identification of spill site hazards
  • Spill site hazards initial containment
  • Excavation and removal of contaminated soil
  • Characterization, profiling and manifesting waste for treatment and disposal
  • Location and certification of clean backfill, loading, transporting, and back filling
  • Notification of appropriate governmental agencies
  • Preparation of government required spill reports or client requested spill reports
  • Insurance payment coordination

Marine Based

The U.S. Coast Guard has designated NWFF as an Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO).  To qualify, NWFF has met stringent requirements regarding containment boom, boats, skimmers, portable storage and other equipment necessary for the proper cleanup of waterways.  This extensive list of equipment can be found on http://wrrl.us.

NWFF’s corporate office is strategically located within minutes from key Oregon coastal harbors enabling NWFF to be ready to act quickly should an emergency marine spill occur.

marine oil spill cleanupMarine Response Services Can Include:

  • 24/7 toll free spill number: 800-942-4614
  • Quick response times to NW waterways
  • Thousands of feet of hard boom, as needed
  • Skimmers with pumps and 50,000 gallon bladders for oil recovery
  • Soft boom and absorbents
  • Facility Site Plans, Site Security Plans
  • QI, SI and ICS services
  • Advocate for client with governmental agencies

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