With our extensive network of Emergency Response professionals throughout North America, NWFF Environmental is able to apply our two decades of spill response and clean up experience to set the standard for overseeing incidents and performing real-time post incident cost analysis audits for our clients.

The mission of the NWFF Environmental’s oversite program is to provide our clients a 24 hour full service resource to assist with their questions and concerns in potentially stressful times. By using our response managers to conduct a cost effective check and balance approach to ensuring your incident is handled safely, quickly and with minimum expense for the client. Our clients are then provided with constant status reports throughout the incident. By being kept informed our clients are better able to remain in control of their interests.

NWFF Environmental employs fulltime oversight response managers, trained to work in point of contact management between contracted response professionals and client representatives, able to provide assistance in required reporting and notification of the appropriate regulatory agencies along with handling options for disposal or recycling.

NWFF Environmental Response Managers benefit from a combination emergency response disciplines and backgrounds from Military storage and disposal facility management and large oil spill response to protected waterways. NWFF Environmental’s approaches to Hazarduse Materials responses have grown along with construction and heavy equipment site remediation practices. These unique combinations of perspectives aid our response managers to accurately forecast necessary resources and clean up procedures for any type of incident. NWFF Environmental’s focuses on discarding unnecessary clean up procedures and inflated incident costs.

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