Pre-Booming & 1-Hour Response

Pre-booming on water

Pre-booming is the process of completely surrounding any vessels, facilities, or dock areas that are involved in the process of transferring oil. It is a preventative measure to keep potential spills from spreading beyond reasonable limits and driving up costs and damage to the environment. Over-water transfer pre-booming is a current requirement by Washington State Department of Ecology. It is likely that Oregon will also require pre-booming in the foreseeable future.


NWFF Environmental provides pre-booming for clients who desire their vessels and facilities to comply with current regulations, or those who wish to ensure a higher level of safety when transferring oil for non recreational purposes over water. NWFF Environmental is fluent with the legal requirements concerning pre-booming, as well as the variables for transfer in specialized environments such as rivers, harbors, or open water.


NWFF Environmental personnel are thoroughly trained in proper use and maintenance of their containment and recovery equipment, which is kept in a state of perpetual readiness to rapidly respond as needs arise. Resources that can be rapidly deployed include multiple trained personnel, an oil spill response trailer containing 2000 feet of 20” containment boom, 1,190 barrels of portable liquid storage, and the capability to recover and transfer up to 425 barrels of spilled material per hour.

Subscription-Based One Hour Response

In addition to these ready-resources, NWFF Environmental is in the early stages of initiating a subscription-based one hour initial spill response program. NWFF Environmental will establish 24 hour response stations that will be staffed with quick response crafts and their crews of one response manager and one spill responder. These resources are dedicated to arriving at the subscriber vessel or facility within one hour of notification (one hour service currently limited to the Newport, Portland, and Vancouver harbors) to initiate oil containment and recovery activities. In addition, NWFF Environmental also performs monthly site visits for subscribers to conduct location-specific training, preventative maintenance, light repair, and to maintain and check our subscribers’ spill equipment inventory.

As interest in this program may dictate, NWFF Environmental is prepared to implement 24 hour response stations at additional geographical locations to better serve our customers. To learn more about our preventative oil spill response services, please call 800.942.4614 and speak with one of our Project Managers.


Over the water transfer pre booming is a current requirement by Washington State Department of Ecology with a high probability for the State of Oregon to follow suit in the near future. As part of the implementation process we are gathering input from interested owners of Vessels and Facilities to establish a list of prospective subscribers. This list will determine the locations of our response stations in areas that best suit the needs of our subscribers.



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