NWFF Environmental provides full service spill oversight and cleanup of land and marine spills. NWFF also has a services division which includes: Incident Management, Freight or Cargo transferring, Facility Planning and Compliance, Qualified Individual (QI) and Persons In Charge (PIC), Pre-booming, Remediation, Lab Packing, Vacuum-Truck Services.

Oil Spill Clean Up

  • Table top exercises and deployment drills
  • Incident Management teams and Response Supervisor
  • Emergency Response
  • Decontamination and disposal
  • SCAT Teams

OSRO Pre Booming –One Hour Response

  • Lightering and bunkering standby

Emergency Response

24 Hour Land or Water responses for oil and Hazardous Materials

  •  Field Identification
  •  National network of Spill Response associates
  •  Dedicated trailers for large volume oil skimming / storage trailers 


  • 24 hour oversight Response Managers
  • Post Incident cost analysis
  • Constant status reports through out incident
  • Reporting and notification of regulatory agency’s available

Site Remediation

  • Soil, chemical and air sampling
  • Large or small excavation and restoration of project sites to pre incident condition
  • Transportation and disposal / recycling of materials
  • Laboratory Packaging
  • Waste Disposal and Recycling

Vacuum Truck Services

  • Hydro excavation for power pole instillation
  • Soil and material removal in confined or sensitive areas
  • Transportation and disposal
  • Marine Oil/Water removal

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